Workshop Evaluations 2011 – 2014

Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet School (New York)

After dancing with London Festival Ballet, Sydney Dance Company and West Australian Ballet, Robert Ray studied ballet and modern dance pedagogic at the Juilliard School NY and Merce Cunningham. Joined the faculty of the Australian Ballet School for 15 years, transferred to the Victoria Performing Arts in Melbourne where he co-ordinated the Post-Graduate Diploma in Classical Ballet teaching.

"Judith Reyn was a guest lecturer at the Joffrey Ballet School, New York in January 2012. She lectured to the students of level 5 and 6 on Applied Anatomy for Ballet. Many years ago I saw Ms Reyn dance with the Stuttgart Ballet, during their 1974 Australian tour. She impressed me then as a wonderful dancer among so many. I was delighted that she was able to lecture to our students at the Joffrey Ballet School.

It is most important in teaching anatomical principles to ballet students that an understanding of classical ballet technique is essential. That Ms Reyn has in spades. Her experience not only as a leading dancer, but also as a ballet pedagogue, equips her to demonstrate and instruct correct body alignment, as well as the kinetic inter-relationship of all the body in the performance of classical ballet. As ballet demands the fullest outward rotation of the legs (turn-out), it is very important that correct and safe instruction is given. Miss Reyn provided that. She also provided much more information on all body mechanics.

The students gained enormously from her visit. The feedback was entirely enthusiastic and positive. Most of the teaching faculty could also attend her lectures. I have found that post discussions with the faculty after such a visit to be an important tool in bringing faculties together. Teaching artists often have a range of differing opinions. But it is essential that they unite on common ground with anatomical truths, which cannot be disputed. Visits by such experts as Ms Reyn provide that forum for information and discussion."

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