Workshop Evaluations 2011 – 2014

Choreographer/Director TanzTheaterWien, Heidelberg Ballet (Germany),
Volksoper Vienna, Dance Identity

Liz King created with her partner Manfred Biskup the successful dance company TanzTheaterWien. Was Director of the Heidelberg Ballet in Germany and the Contemporary Ballet Company at the Volksoper Vienna. Created a dance centre ( with the purpose of supporting young choreographers and encouraging young dancers to investigate physicality and innovation. The centre has become an integral part of the production of dance in Austria.

"For many years I have worked with and learnt from Judith Reyn. Having taught ballet for both my companies in Heidelberg and at the Volksoper in Vienna, I became increasingly aware of the significant articulation and virtuosity of the dancers during the periods when Judith was teaching.

Allowing time for the lesson in order for company members to integrate the information was essential to the process. Unlike a regular company training dancers could align their body and re-evaluate their technique before commencing complicated choreographic phrasing in rehearsal.

Although this would appear to take away time from the creative process, the benefits of starting from the base-line accelerated when applied to the high articulation required in movement at a later stage of accomplishment.

I have taken several of Judith's workshops to enhance my own understanding of the mechanics and articulation of the body in dance and have experienced a fundamental recognition of the workings of movement particularly in the ballet technique.

Judith Reyn is a leading figure and pioneer in the understanding and application of anatomy in the dancing body, whether applied to the classical ballet technique or to contemporary dance techniques."

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