Workshop Evaluations 2011 – 2014

Principal Dancer/International Guest Artist

Educated at the Paris Opera Ballet School and then graduated to the Paris Opera Ballet Company. Joined the National Ballet of Canada as Soloist. 2006 became Principal dancer in the Leipzig Ballet and afterwards Principal in the Nice Opera Ballet with international invitations as a Guest Artist.

"I had the chance to meet Ms. Judith Reyn while I was a Principal Dancer at the Leipzig Ballet. Working with her was conclusive in my career. She gave me private classes and did her workshop with me. She opened new perspectives in terms of using my body in the right way. She taught me a lot about the back posture and helped me to fix a problem when rotating with my right shoulder. Her knowledge of the dancers' anatomy is amazing. She gave me an opportunity to change my work, and dance without hurting myself. I wish I would have had Judith as a teacher long before. Perhaps, I would have avoided surgery to fix my left knee."

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